mardi 14 février 2006

Happy Valentine's day

La première primevère du jardin, fraichement cueillie pour vous.

Merci d’être passés par ici.

Bonne St Valentin à tous!


Leelooo a dit…

Merci pour cette belle primevère, et très heureuse Saint Valentin à toi Gracianne !

fleur de sel et Emi a dit…

Que tes sentiments gardent toujours cette première verdeur et ces couleurs délicates

Petit Scarabée a dit…

Happy Valentine's day to you too.

Gracianne a dit…

Merci fleur de sel et Emi, je sens deja la seve remonter en effet!

I love you Petit Scarabee.

anne a dit…

Très joli! Bonne fête à toi!

Papilles et Pupilles a dit…

Bonne St Valentin, merci pour cette très belle photo. Ici point de primevères encore !

brigitte a dit…

happy Valentine to you, thanks for the beauty of your flowers. No chance to see them in my corner of the world.

Thalie a dit…

Joyeuse st Valentin Gracianne et ?... merci pour tout tes gentils passages par chez moi au fait... Vouualà j'l'avais jamais dit mais c'est l'ocasion car c'est la fête de l'Amour et pas que des zamoureux ;)

colette a dit…

Bonne fête de la ST VALENTIN

Liza a dit…

Bonne Saint-Valentin à toi !

Elvira a dit…

Comme c'est gentil! Merci! :-)

zaza a dit…

Pour toi itou !!!!
Jolie la primevère !
La Zaza

penglobe a dit…


MON a dit…

aaahhh i will try and make contak with the frenchies.

wee wee bonjour,umm im the tossa who livey in the basementy and loves to chat about the coincities of life, i think your all wounderful frenchies,all busy busy cooking cooking,eating eating,ahh lifes good for you all hey. You know, im related to you all in some way, my dad is french,well a mungerl frenchie,and i think its sweet how you all lammurie(french word for love)the ass offa Graci.
any way
Any way i did french lessons at school, and never lernt a single word except lammurie,and on the last day of school my teacher gave me the only award in the class, infact the only award he has ever givrn out,it was

Being the person most likly to sukceed in life without trying or even realizing it.

Gracianne a dit…

Contact successful Mon, the frenchies are awake. That was hilarious, good way to start a day. Thanks.

Mon a dit…

ahh my pleasure Graci,I am just ashtonioused at your sukcesh of yor new blogg.I just cant believe how poppuler you are.I used to be poppuler at school sepashally. Ahh they were the days hey Graci,young pretty world at ya feet.I had to leave school early because buisness went bad for my dad soo i had to work to look after our Big fam,6 kids and all.I didnt mind too much i suppose i just had to do it to help out.
My first job was in a shoe shop,ahhh i lasted only 3.5 weeks fond memories though.I remember ringing my dad when i had just been sackked,crying and crying.You see i was so young only just out of year ten,VERY innocient diddnt even know What a penis was.Well the dirty so and so that was working with me,only 2 years older had apparently been shaggin out the back room with all the boys,mind you Graci while little sweet me was standing in the shop listening to what i thowrt was her looking for shoes.Banging away out there,descusting tart.Well i got the sack too,as my boss thowrt we were both doing it.True as true you can ask my Dad.We laugh and lagh about it now, i just love my dad.

deerey a dit…


IT TS TRUE AS TRUE just like Mons said, i ve been told that story by her Mum. And it gets me every time.

Gracianne a dit…

Great story Mons - "fond memories", really?
Is that really you Deery, or Mons in disguise again?

moni a dit…

ummmmmm,that was tossa deerey.

i HAVE EXELLENT news!!!!
My sis and brother are
commin to paris!!!

my sis and her hubby were goin to go befour yet decided not too, well my mum left a message saying they are going again,they have booked and alll. i will give you the flight details and dates and all that , maybe, if you have a spare 5 mins you could see them for coffe or somthing, They will be
doing all the touriesty things, and are staying in the heart of paris for 2 weeks.

Gracianne a dit…

Hi Mon,
Well I hope I will find more than five minutes to meet them. E-mail me their travel details, I'll be glad to show them around, Paris is such a beautiful place to visit. And like you said, I wish you could come too!

mon a dit…

Hi frenchies, i had a great weekend,played scrabble and went out for dinner, ahh it was nice. I notied your all still cooking cooking,i have just gone for a run, im trying to get skinny again for the Mingenew races, ahhh this is a great day and im the fashioun jugede , ahhh last time i was ineebriaeited,and gave the local girls something to chat about.You know frenchies you should all try gettin out and goin for a walk or a run or playing a team sport, therres so much to life,aswell as cookin cookin eatin, eating. I mean i enjoyed my dinner the other night but i was so much fatter in the morinung.So back to running running kick boxing and airobicks.
Well nice chattin, i love it how you cant understand me and i love how i cant understand you, its the PERFERCT Freinship.Carry on lovly Frechies , as you were.
munch munch chat chat cook cook

mons a dit…

Hi Frenchies, My you have all been busy.
have you ever herd of a singre called Elvis, he is very famouse over here in Aussi , except his dead,
well he was a singer when he was alive,not now of coures,
i ment when he was alive he uesd to sing lots and lots of songs,
wat im trying to say is,his name is Elvis and his a dead singre .
ANYWAY and i bought a new cd of his today, i know wat your all thinking, how can a famouse dead singre put out a new cd,
well i cant explaien that ,i asked my hubby and he said
ahh Frenchies some things in life just are hard to explien,carry on as you were,chat much cook fart

Gracianne a dit…

So Elvis is Reborn in Australia? Please send pictures.
Talk to you soon, I am going out for a walk, you know, too much food...

mon a dit…

NOOO, OH SHIT,Elvis is not reborn,
PLease Graci dont start that ruhmore ill have all of bloody Memphis in me back paddok,im tryin to explaiern i gota new elvis cd,wasntsure if you new who elvis(bless his sole) was.
he is still very dead though.
Do you like Elvis(bleess his sole)

Gees thoses frenchies have hileriouse names hey, just reading there names makes me piss.

ME a dit…


b they do have odd names dont they.

a, WHO

b the Fuckin frenchies Tossa

a, oh yeh, like what.

b,well imagine trying to "DO IT"
with a bloke called Noodle pie!

"oh give it to me Noodly pie yeh thats the way, ohh im lovin your noodle!"

OR Casserole

"MMM yeh oh baby Casserole your meat is so tender"

a OH.

Gracianne a dit…

Mons, Noodle Pie is British and he lives in Vietnam - not a French name that.

mon a dit…

Sorry bout that Noodly

r mad graci?

Gracianne a dit…

No, I am not. Luckily he doesn't read my blog, so he won't know he has been mistaken for a frenchman.

mon a dit…

Hi Frenchies,
IM PISSED.been on the grog at deereis she sands her love Graci.She has been to town and has a brand spankin new computa.ahh we had fun today, she was chuckin brown eyes at the sheep in the paddok next to her houyse and we laughed and laughed untilled we cried. FUC shes funny, niot as funny as me we agreed, yet she can make ya piss i give you the tip.Wozza is not happy with me, says its time for us both to grow yp.And i said to him,
"OH go and get a sernce of huimore ya borin git"
gotta puke

mons a dit…

Great Gapperling Gaps!!!
oops sorry bout that Graci.I only had two,beers,yet i was tanked.

I am 33 TODAY,Graci,Wossa said i still feel like a 21 year old,EXERLENT!
How old are you Graci,
and, do you have a phone number,so i can call you about my sister comming over. Shes a little nervoues about meeting someone from the internet, so i said i will call you. I ve told her agaien and agaien your not an ax mudrerer, or a saderisstic sicko yet shes still, unsure.

Gracianne a dit…

Hi Mons, hope you are feeling better today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DEAR, enjoy and don't drink too many beers. Oh well, it is your birthday isn't it? I am glad you are still 21. I'll send you an e-mail.

confusia a dit…

Confusia Say..

Tis many embarrassed woman who do big horney strip for husband on special day of birth,while pissed,only to descorva,him sleepin like fucken baby,in bed.

Gracianne a dit…


mon a dit…

ah thats the spieirt Graci.

Well it was really embarreassing, i nearly karked it when ,there i am getting right into it,fliging closthes and bloody little nickers sky high, and thinking im fucken hot and all,when all of the sudden i hear,
SNOREEEE,GRUNT ,and then he freekin turns ova.
i had a cold shower.
i had a coffee.
i watched some TV, i was like a freekin cat on a hot tin roof, when i hear out of the darkness,,,MONS WATS ABOUT MY STRIP,COME ON YOU PROUMISED!.
AHHHH i ran in the room jumped into bed and said
He didnt move all night and i slept like a baby.

mons a dit…

Holy Craappin Citizians, its Fuckinnnn HOTTT, shit Dear Graci you and ya french Followwers would curl up and stiff it , if you were out here today.
Any way i cant talk long, have some people commin round for bbq.
WAT THE,,Were doin up in the Le jeu des 4 post?? was that you and why have ya got a blanket on ya head, At first i thowrt it was your hair but im not so sure now, were you just bein a tossa, hehe your funny Graci. your a little like me a freekin lunitieric.

Gracianne a dit…

Well, it's freezing cold here. Have you seen the picture of my garden under the snow? The snow is gone, but it is still freezing.
Did you have a nice party? Oh, I can't wait for bbq season!
No, it wasn't me in the picture, that was my husband, and he was not under a blanket, he was just taking a picture in a distorting mirror...

Petit Scarabée a dit…

Indeed, Under blanket husband was.

Hidden he wanted to stay.

Not very good sight, wife has.

Gracianne a dit…

Blind as a bad wife is :)

Gracianne a dit…

Euh, as a bat I mean

mons a dit…

oh was that your garden up there, oops i thowrt it was a grave yard, hehe sorry bout that dear Graci.
Why was Oliver taking a picture in a distortin mirror?, was HE just bein a tossa, hehe he is funny,i showed that to wozza and he said
i said

hehe we talk like that to each other sometimes but its always said with a smile.i mean he is a tossa and all but his a great root and thats the main thing , hey Graci.Yep im defernitaly changin,i used to not be very horney,NOW PHEW, id shag a homless git in a trash can.They say, when a girl reaches 33 she gets easily erioused,yep im 33,and ALL i think of is boinking,boinkin.Funny hey,i used to use every excuess in the book
oh not tonight honey, im dead.OR

oh not tonight honey , my womanerly bits are, closed for renervations,

ahh yeh LUCKY WOZZA,now he sees me and runs really fast and hides in the palms and thinks i cant see him,and i call
OH HONEY, get your sorry ass over here and SATERSFIEY ME UNTAMED HUNGER. hehe not really dear graci if i said that to him, hed prababbly get me a hamburgra.

Gracianne a dit…

Mons, I thought you said you would behave! That was funny though...

mon a dit…

awww Sorry Graci,i just got caught up in the moment,Every now and then the evil mons comes out, ahh i had fun writin it hehehehe.
I PROMISE ill behave now......................................tell me more about the Frenchies, what are they chattin about.Hey why dont you trick them and write in English,heheh ahh that would get em chattin.

mon a dit…

OI,FRENCHIES ITS JUST A JAR OF BLOODY LEMERONS,SETTLE DOWN UP THEIR,IM TRYIN TO CONCERTRAITE.heheh ahhhh as you were lovly Frenchies,chattinbout fuckin lemons hehehehe,shit Graci how funny, Hey can you do a post with a picture of you and Oliver?

Gracianne a dit…

No, I am not doing a post with pictures of my family. Remember, this is supposed to be a food blog, and we are not edible :)

mons a dit…

oh well ive thowrt of a great idea, hows about you and olivier holdin a spud or a bag of carrotts?
happy anniversary to me and wozza.
happy anniversary to me and wozza.

To supprizse him i bought the James Blunt cd and put it on , and we slow danced in the kitchen,it was really sweet,you no that song,your trying to stay in his good books, i went shopping today and , lets just say,if he found out how much money i spent , instead of dancin round the kitchen,he would have flung me round the kitchen by my hair.

Gracianne a dit…

Do you really think seriously I could persuade my husband to take a picture of him with a bag of carrots and post it on the internet? You must be joking, try and ask Wozza the same thing...
Happy anniversary to you both!

mon a dit…

OH i just thorwt cause he took one with the distortin mirror, he might do it just for fun. :(
;)Hey GREAT IDEA, hows about he take A photo with a bag on his head, ahhh then no one will no who he is.You could surely get in the photo too, PLEASA GRACI, it would be sooo funny.

reel mon a dit…

how long is your ban anyway, and use another name tossa.

me a dit…

INDEFINATLEY!!!!!D is never ever alloud on here again:(
but ya gota admitt this has been THE BEST FUN,2 Mons,you get away with murder.
ILL just sit and watch,and piss meself laughing,please dont tell him,or hell tell mine and then ill be in cow shit.

oh when im laughing, ill do this

mon a dit…

GREAT torenshial tossa
he will be able to tell thats you.
when you laugh do this


ok. ill no what that means.mine was chattin to yours on the phone last night,i had my ear agasint the door,for ages, then he yells,Piss off Mon.I was so embarreassed.

me a dit…


mONS a dit…

umm!!!!MORON,leave off the classic,its too obverious,or do this.


shhess it like dearling with a nittwitt. I am SURE Yours reads this ,
He asked me the other day if i went to school,and if so which one so he noes never ever to send his kids their!!!

me a dit…


mon a dit…

hi .... hope alls good :)
its cool,your secrets safe with me !!

embarrassered mons a dit…

Deery listen and listen very carfully. ive just been inforhmed by graci,Theres many many many english reading people reading this blogg!!!!GET IT
shit shit shit shit shit shit.
be carful what you say, they may try and make contaked with us. if so do this.
ooo i noee speakee englishee

bloddy hell tossa,all that talk of your orangde twatt, and the strip.
shit shit shit shit.CALL ME ASAP

ME a dit…


mon a dit…

ahhh its fun makin up fuuny storires on here ,hey deery.AHHH like the one about me strippin,ahhh how funny, ahhhh and how about the one of you havin a orangde twatt, ahhh at least none of thast true haey Deery. Infact alll of this weve ritten is crap crap crappity crap.yep ahhh well gotta split.

me a dit…

I agree I agree, yep,well me and my blackest of shiney black twatts better go.
ive got it sorted , mons

ooo i noee speakee englishee

mon a dit…

ummmm, ok here we go.
hi britts,
hi american freind
hi 2 newzealernders
hi frenchies that can read english.
sorry for being so rude and smutty, if id thowrt anyone was readin this i would , and deery, been better behavde.I mean we would have still talked about farts and the feedin frezy of the frenchies, but maybe not the rest.IM CRINGIN when i read back over it all, shit you must all think im fuckin derscustering. Well let me promise the only reason my hubby fell asleep durin my strip was because he was freekin triyed , not because im not hot,get it.hehehe ahhh, im kinda an insignifercante girl in a insignifercante house in a insignifercante town. Deerys a freekin tossa whos not alloud to talk on here anymore,she banned for life, was the last i hurd.
well heres to you all, for not chattin,and hopefully you can forgive my rudniss.

me a dit…


mon a dit…

HI Graci, and all the english readin frenchies,
HI American freind
Hi 2 Newzealernders
hi Britts.
JUST thowrt id show you all i can talk like everyone eles,every day conversation,not rude.
hey Britts, how come you have a queen and a preserdent,i always wunder that, are you an unrulery mob needing two bosses,and why are they both women? dont you like men.I also wunder if the queen and Margret are buddies or do they have conflirtering beliefs.
We only have one preserdent,his name is Jonnie H, youve probbably hurd of him, he needs a bloody good eyebrow wax, but upart from that hes a nice enough fellow.He certainerly dose not talk like your bosses,nope no plum in the mouth for him.I know this chick up here,she talks like she has several plums shoved inside her mouth,ahhh when shes chattin i often think id love to whispeher in her ear
oi plum mouth why dont you go home and have a nice dinner of shit i talk like a dickhead,and when ya finished have a nice warm glass of SHUT THE FUC UP.

MON a dit…

woops, SHIT SHIT SHIT TIMES 100 ive just been informedhed that Margeret T is not the preserdent of the Britts.Sorry bout that,its acterelly Tony B,hope he gets along with the queen,and all that bla bla bla.

me a dit…


Gracianne a dit…

It seems nobody wants to talk about politics here Mons, just food, food, food :)
And Tony B. is not the president of the U.K. he is Prime Minister.
Want to talk politics with my Aussie friend anyone? She is feeling lonely here.

mon a dit…

SHIT shit shit times 6.5,GEEPAS Graci thanks for pointin that out your a real pal.Now im feeling like an absolute frrkin TOSSA.
Im not lonley dear Graci,deerys on the phone and fax and texing,and reading,poor thing,hey DEEREY NAARR NNAAR NNAAR NAAR NAAAAR AHHH SUX SHIT TOSSA.Poor you.

ANY WAY i hate politics,but i lovve chattin. ill give someone who wants to chat till sundown,otherwise im goin forevea.

mon a dit…

well the clock is a tickin,
tic tok tic toc
5.6 hours till sundowrn.
yep then im gone forever,and forever is a loong long time .

mon a dit…

oi i know what,ILL CHAT ABOUT FOOOOD!! yep qucumbers.
here ill start you off.

gee qucumbers are green arnt they,and they even come in buplist variareties.yep greeen as the fuckin grass .ah yep the good ol qucumber,ahh many many thing can be done with qucumber.

me a dit…


mon a dit…

oh ok perhaps well chat about lermons.why the world is obssersed with shovin food in jars is beyond me,i mean leave them on the feekin tree,that jat of lermons up there gets me everytime.
here a poem for lermons in a jar.

little lermons on the tree
keep still while i yank you ,
from the tree.
its time for you to travell far,
hold still while i shove ya in me jar .
little lermons , please stop cryin,
thank god yous werent eggs,cause there still fryin.

me a dit…


Gracianne a dit…

Great, food poetry! Anybody interested in participating?

mons a dit…

12 mins till sundown, then sadly Deery and i will be long gone forever

DEEREY a dit…


mon a dit…

oh piss off deerey this has to be done

Gracianne a dit…

Well it is not sundown here yet, you still have another 6 hours.

mon a dit…

oh shit yes phew.FUC
god i was shittin meself,thorwt it was all ova red rova.

see that deerey 6 hours to go now get a grip.praise the mammery gland still got 6 hours

deeere a dit…

Hey Mon,its way past sundown,aint no one ere,infact they are still chattin upstairs,

mon a dit…

Great fivhundered fucks.Geepas Deery thanks for pointin that out,what part of thinks i cant see that for meslf,tossa.Well im a woman of my word, now get up off the lounge and lock the basement door behind ya,now pull down ya pants,bend ova and scream COP THIS.

Gracianne a dit…

Well, I am sorry to see there is nobody to talk to you in this part of the world. You know it is the countryside here, maybe they are afraid of foreigners. You know where to reach me if you want to talk to me. And Mons give me the address of your blog once you have started it, I certainly will visit and talk to you both.

mon a dit…

hi,everyone in the world.I think i should expaline,i rerlize there is a launguge difference and Graci told me,there may have been some confushion.You are affraid i want to do the Ramba bamba with you,well here,dear sweet foody people...

(there that should do it hey graci.
Geepas normally people are bendin over backwards to put one away,or slap the bacon,hehe if ya no what i mean,dear Graci.very innocerant these foody people.)

Gracianne a dit…

Ah you are back! I thought it wouldn't last long. We know you mean no harm Mons, I think it is perfectly clear now.

mons a dit…

(Well akturly,ive several "dickorama Wammabammas" at home,a,blue one a rather cute red one and a log john silver one)hehe ahhh if only thoses people of the world new what we were chattin about ,hey graci hee ahhh thered be a few "holy frucks",being flung around.
well deeres commin ova tomorrow,for a glass of wine.Heehee shes funny last time she came over i had to beg her to leave,yep she is a stayer,once shes in your home she aint going no where.To get her to leave i had to flick the kitchen lights on and off really fast sceaming,
COMON PISS OFF,then she got all affended and didnt ring me for 6 hours.,,bloody deerey.
r u glad im back dear Graci?

Gracianne a dit…

Yes I am happy to have you back, but I don't really know what we are chatting about. Remember, I am an innocent foody person.

mon a dit…

well Im so glad to be back,
Im a litle sensertive at the moment Graci,cause half way through last year my very best mate,rang me out of the blue(she lives in mingenew,they manage a farm and i was her best briedesmaid and wassa was his best man)
anyway,she rang me out of the blue ,
hang on nope thats wrong,
i saw her hit my little boy several times,at the pool,it was horrible.Anyway then i didnt call her for a few days cause i was very piss at her,then out of the blue she rings me and tells me she hates my little boy and that im spolit and that basicerally she hates me too.Well i sobbed for 5 nights and five days,nothin anyone would say could fix my broken heart.Even my mother in law was so hurt at this girl,anyway then i got skinny and then got shingles,and all in one week of this happin.Deery lives necks door to this girl,or on the necks farm and she always hangs her ass out the window as she drives by screamin
Well i keep it nice, i saw her in the post office and i smiled at her and she put her head down.I miss her.

mon a dit…

woops i miss out one bit.

after she rang me and told me all thoses horrible things,i rang her back and said..

ok dear S.. if thats how you feel fair enough , but if i see you within an ants dick of my boy, ill not only karate chop you in the upper neck region ill also fling your remainds in the celering fan.

she said.Oh.
ahh it made me feel good

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